- MR\VP 20-30K

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GENERATOR "Solid State" : MR\VP 20K-IGBT / MR\VP 25K-IGBT /

This type of generators represent a new industrial standard for vacuum
metallizing chambers applications.
Power circuits configuration, air cooling, construction using only solid-state components, and a modern Touch Panel, make it the leading-edge equipment
for this type of application.
Mangement of the generator, the arcs, the energy applied to the plasma chamber, and the Mass-FLow-Control, is immediate and easy thanks to the Touch Panel.


  • High efficiency thanks to the power circuits configuration and the use of IGBT modules
  • Short-circuit-proof electronic in the inverter power modules.
  • Electronic protection against accidental overloads inside the plasma chamber..
  • Air cooling (as the system does not need water, the problems that may arise with this kind of cooling are avoided)
  • Arc mangement system
  • Automatic matching to varying load conditions (when used in automatic mode, the applied power is kept stricfly constant even if the vacuum grade or the quantity of injected gas varies)
  • Universal supply voltage 3x380-415-440 V (a network transformer is not required).
  • Construction in accordance with standard EN-60204-1.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in accordance with norms EN-5511 and EN 50082-2.
  • Monitoring, display of operational values and alarm signalling by special operator Touch Panel.


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