- MR\B 35-40-45-50-55K-IGBT-CU

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Corona generator model : MR\B 35K-IGBT-CU - MR\B 40K-IGBT-CU -

These corona power supplies are specifically designed for use in BOPP-PET applications.
The intelligent IGBT modules (IPM) installed in them, featuring high switching speed with low losses, combined with the configuration of the power circuits, ensure high performance and complete self-protection in the event of accidental overloads.
These features ensure better performances and reliability than with conventional IGBTs.
The presence of a door cooling system allows to use the generators in the hardest environments.
Without doubts, these generators, together with a sophisticated terminal operator represent the most up to date state of the art for corona treating equipment.


  • High efficiency due to the configuration of the power circuits and the use of IGBT modules.
  • Short circuit electronic protection on inverter power modules.
  • Electronic protection against short circuits on the high voltage output.
  • Electronic protection against possible High Voltage discharges inside the station.
  • Automatic matching to various load conditions.
  • High Voltage oil bath transformer inserted inside the cabinet to avoid having it around the station.
  • Special Terminal Operator able to keep the Specific Power (Energy density) strictly constant during running. This is the only fact able to guarantee an absolute constance of treatment during production(see the page of Terminal Operator for better understanding).
  • The Terminal Operator visualizes also the working datas, the alarm signals and the information texts (see the page of Terminal Operator for better understanding).
  • Special shielded High Voltage cable for covering long distances.
  • Universal supply voltage 3x380-415-440-460 V (without need for a network transformer).
  • Construction according to EN-60204-1.
  • Electromagnetic (EMC) compatibility in accordance with EN-55011 and EN 50082-2 standards.


  • Possibility of installation of conditioning unit on the cabinet for hard environments.